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First startup in 35 years of my rebuilt Lambretta Series 2 LI125 from 1961. Total nut & bolt restoration was required.

Engine was rebuilt as a Richard Taylor GT186 running through a modified airbox neck and BGM filter system, and BGM v2 Clubman exhaust.

Carburettor is a PHBL25, Full DC conversion loom and stator plate, mid weight flywheel, BGM Adjustable Dampers with a BGM LED rear light and small capacitor in place of a battery for now.

Currently using the LI125 gearbox and a standard clutch, but have a GP200 or LI150 gearbox that might get added in the future.

A couple of TTO guages are used to monitor cylinder head temperature and engine revs. I made a small bracket to support the two gauges and the low fuel warning light mounted on the inside of the leg shields.

First Run around the local streets while running in.

Early video of the engine rebuild, I did not use this tensioner in the end as I changed the gearing and chain and used a jockey’s one instead.

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